“The beach and boat harbour development project at Tiszanána-Dinnyéshát” (TOP-1.2.1-15-HE1-2016-0001) resulted in the renewal of the said facilities. The original grant of 250 million HUF was complemented with 32,5 million HUF. The most important work was the dredging leading to the expansion of the port and the improvement of the quality and enjoyment of the water. The mobile piers capable of converting the swimming area into a closed swimming pool became one of the favourite hangouts of young people. In addition to the reception and service facilities the walkways and footbridges were remodelled. The small viewing platform built near the river provides a beautiful view of the port, the beach, and the boats plying the waters.

The developmental efforts contributed to making Tiszanána one of the most significant ports of Lake Tisza. The port’s capacity of docking and holding a high number of vessels is expected to lead to a breakthrough in visitor numbers and boost the tourism-related investments of private entrepreneurs.

The developmental efforts were launched in 2019 and the contractor chosen after procurement was the Károlyház Ltd. The remodelling was completed through the summer of 2020 and the project was finished in November. The project was implemented by the Local Government of Tiszanána (mayor: Dr. József Tóth) while the project manager was Dr. Tamás Várhelyi, tourism and EU regional development expert.