Be part of an unforgettable experience– go for a swim, take a boat cruise, find enjoyment, recharge yourself with nature’s energy!

Tiszanána is a crucial settlement on the Right Bank of LakeTisza, a side located relatively closer to Füzesabony and the Capital. Dinnyéshát, the beach of Tiszanána is a real jewel welcoming vacationers in a tranquil resort outside the village. The lawn expanding along the levee makes it one of the most spectacular swimming areas along the Lake Shore. Sun worshippers can stretch out in deck chairs shaded by leafy trees and colourful beach umbrellas and sunning sails.

While the beach certainly offers an eye catching sight, the confluence of the River and the Lake and the variation of the islands and small headlands guarantee the real beauty of the landscape. A birds’ eye view of the whole complex including the strip of land between the levee and the river, the bridges connecting the small islands, and the two larger basins divided by the headland along with the swimming area and the port provide a special experience. On the other, or “saved side” of the levee a uniquely built reception facility along with a thatched roof covered snack bar and a pub with pleasantly shaded outdoor furnishing invite visitors. This place also includes the indoor venue symbolizing Polish-Hungarian ties and can host company and business events. The summer houses and gardens of Dinnyéshát and even an adventure park sprawl beyond the channel.

Bicyclists and beach-goers are invited for a spin or stroll on the well-maintained levee road. Visitors can also walk on the paved paths and bridges, the manually operated ferry provides a unique attraction and few tourists can resist climbing on the look-out point and taking photographs of the breath taking panorama

While due to recent development efforts both the residents and tourists can enjoy improved services, the area continuously progresses and the Dream Coast becomes more and more alluring each yea